The Marina Bay Sands hotel by night


Marina Bay

It's beautiful up here

We just came back from Bali, checked in at the Marina Bay Sands hotel and went straight to the famous infinity pool at the top of the hotel. It was truly overwhelming, especially because it was the complete opposite of Bali.

Enjoying a skyline while swimming 57 levels above the ground was like nothing we've done before. Book at least one night at the hotel to get access to the infinity pool. It's not cheap, but it's worth it.

The skyline of Singapore with tall skyscapes
The skyline of Singapore and the largest floating stage

Skyscapes everywhere

Huge buildings are filling the Marina Bay district

The Float

The world's largest floating stage is currently unilluminated

Marina Bay Sands is the most iconic hotel in Singapore. You should book at least one night here to get access to the amazing infinity pool at the top of the hotel.

Marina Bay Sands hotel from the Marina Bay
First class King Junior Suite at the YOTEL hotel

YOTEL offers beautiful, clean rooms of a very compact size for a fair price. It was the hotel where we spent most of our nights in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

A nature park like you haven't seen before

Gardens by the Bay as you see it from the Marina Bay Sands observation deck

Gardens by the Bay

The view from Marina Bay Sands observation deck

Two of the 18 Supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay


You can find 18 of them in the park area

Cloud Forest and the mountain path

Cloud Forest

The path down from the mountain

Gardens by the Bay is an immersive park area, made up of three waterfront gardens. It's part of the nation's plans to transform into a "City in a Garden" to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.

It is a relatively young attraction that was opened in 2012 and has already become a national icon.

The entry is free. You only have to pay for everything that's located inside, like the conservatories. Both of them—the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest—are a must-visit.

Flower Dome: The largest greenhouse in the world replicates a cool, dry Mediterranean climate. It's perfect for cooling down in the otherwise hot and humid Singapore. Make sure to take your best portrait lens with you as it's a superb place for plant photography.

Cloud Forest: A conservatory with a mountain and waterfall inside. You will find a lot of photos of this place on social media as it's truly unique. We sadly missed that there's a mist show, which will cover the path down from the mountain in a nice-looking fog. I'm sure that it's worth visiting this place again by night, even though we missed this opportunity.

Last but not least are the Supertrees. 18 tree-like structures that dominate the Gardens' landscape. Walking below them makes you feel like you're on another planet. It's another part of the garden you should visit both by day and night, first and foremost, because of the Garden Rhapsody show. It's a coordinated combination of light and music that illuminates the Supertrees and attracts both locals and vacationers.

Changi Airport

Time to say goodbye

Every trip ends where it started, but the airport of Singapore is an attraction on its own. It's the largest transportation hub in Asia and rated as the World's Best Airport.

The Jewel is the latest addition, a nature-themed entertainment and retail complex with the world's tallest indoor waterfall. The so-called "Rain Vortex" is surrounded by a terraced forest setting. It's something you can't find in an airport elsewhere.

It's loud—as you might expect from a waterfall this size—and crowed. Make sure to store your luggage in one of the provided lockers. Otherwise, you aren't allowed to access the waterfall area.

Use a wide angle lens if you want to take photos of the Rain Vortex and enjoy the time before traveling back home.

The Rain Vortex at the Changi Airport

The Rain Vortex

The world's tallest indoor waterfall